Personal Dellusion

Look around you, it’s not to hard to see. That million of lives are exactly what they want it to be
As we, Human, bound to evolve, we are held back, and slowly we dissolve

Corrupted corporate companies taking control, making us think that we have the leading role.
Nothing seems to be a bigger lie, as we, people, silently follow the message in the sky.

by Polly Klomp

Comments (19)

A poignant write up of loss of love, an irreparable loss, which oozes through those line. excellant
Very good! I can realte to this as so many others can too. Im pretty sure you'll make it the next time. Good, down to earth write.
This is a very good write... Yet so true... Sometimes in life when our heart takes lead it can be devastaing in the end....
Yet agen fantastic I felt that way a few times myself.. I felt this to the soul so it has to have a 10 or 12
I love it. It's so true and thats why some people don't fall to fast but time heals all wounds, even though it leaves scars. p.s. Thank you for commenting on my poem. I never knew a poet so famous would actually write on one of mine. Thanks again
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