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A Crying Heart
AK ( / Longridge Westlothian, Scotland, UK)

A Crying Heart

How dreadful is the feeling of a heart halved in two
Tears fall like acid rain, burning cheeks through and through
Eyes slowly swell, puffed and red in silent pain
Emotions in a turmoil, an endless broken heart again.

No sounds that roar of laughter, might as well be dumb
No voice that echoes softness, feelings cold and numb
No heart that shows it's gladness, empty as in space
No light or shade from anywhere, an expressionless face.

No tears of joy to experience, not a single one to dry
No heart that gallops with delight, an unheard secretive cry
Oblivious sights of lovingness, no tender arms to hold you tight
Invisible hands to cup together, tears through each silent night.

No proven meaning or softest touch to show what's in your heart
No sharing secret dreams, not even the slightest start
Planning future years, no way, or remembering days gone bye
No healthy proof of loving effort, causing a heart to constantly cry.

Spoken words of comfort, none, no eyes that gleam a care
Saddest mouth, no smiles of happiness, actions that say beware
No signs of warmth or tenderness, a tall solid brick wall
No love to cherish, no simple respect, precisely nothing at all.

No heart can ever possibly mend, will never brave the pain
Can't heal alone entirely until love flows back again
Foundation through these loveless years must slowly break apart
If not to be shared by ones children, the true recipe for a crying heart...

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