A Crystal Clear Man

In the poetry world,
I have been simple and humble,
Describing myself
In a few concise words
Letting my honest feelings go
Freely through my works...
Getting back up,
Every time I stumbled...
There has been the time
When I wrote a poem
Without any rhyme,
Getting nice comments
Or some no so kind...
Nevertheless, I realized that wisdom
No necessarily improve with age,
Specially, when one's image
Dangerously at stake,
However, some people are funny,
Some people are so obviously fake
That they are only good on stage...
With their signatures stamped
In the bottom of a lost page,
In the dark, they just remain...
Their limited knowledge
They can't expand,
Dying lonely, frustrated
And without fame
Since, in the real world,
Some people might look alike,
But they are not the same..
There are names in my mind
I can no longer record,
Names lost in time,
Names lost in space...
But, you will never succeed
In driving me insane,
That is the truth, indeed..
I am letting you know
How I really feel...
Now I am left alone
Without a choice,
But, to let the music plays...


by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (10)

you area humble, dear man. You write your heart that is what makes you a wonderful poet dear friend.
Dearest Romeo, I love this piece because it obviously just flowed from your heart. I have never felt that poetry has to rhyme. You are a very unique talent and I love reading your work. Oh, and I also hate fake people, most of whom I knew in church of all places. Peace and love to you Romeo. Lynn Stillman
this is a beautiful and inspiring poem you really have a way with words that just makes my heart want to sore. It is so hard sometimes to find a poem that fits the way i think thats also why i started to drank but i guess that was a bad thing for i no longer have any time to stand lol sorry talking to much but i really do like a lot of your poems have a nice night
It's a good thing to always be true to ones self. I have been burnt by fake people too.I don't wish any ill on them, but I do avoid making friends, and keep a distance from certain family members. I still am working on not letting people hurt me, over the little things, (not so caught up in what people think of me) . Good for you, making a stand. Your poem is helpful to me, thanks for sharing.
Ahhahahahaha man this one hit hard.. You talking about lots of pep on this one. I give it a 8.5 for shear truth. I give it a 10.. Put a smile on my face....
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