IO ( / Ondo, Nigeria)

A Cue From Ancients Of Days

Look up to the sky
take a look at the boldness of the sun
behold the brightness of the stars
they hold no grudges
they come, they shine
for you, for me:
caucasian, black or orientals

Look up at the sky
See the beauty of the moon
it illuminates prison as well palace
they no know boundary nor landmark

hear the rhytm of the rains
it beats the ghetto and the golden city
see its water flows
linking the mosques and the churches
they hold no sentiments nor bias

then look at yourself
and I myself
and together ourselves
and take a cue from
the ancients of days.

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Comments (4)

wonderful poem-I like it goes with the flow.Our environent, everything around is compared and linked to one soure.its speaks for it self.
A very reflective poem. If only man can be one with the spiritual- with nature, with God (Ancient of days) - only then can Man be one with himself. I really like your poem, a very vivid word-picture of the silliness of Race!
History repeats itself but do we ever learn? Good form great lesson about the equalising effect of the universe, even if humans don't show it among themselves.I gave you ten.