A Cup Of Coffee (Please)

I would like a cup of coffee, please.
It would mean so much to me,
Strong and smooth hot liquid,
Is what I truly need.

I don't want a cappucchino,
Nor a latte, .. Nor a frap.
Expresso.. is like drinking oil,
I can't even stand that crap.

But, A good hot cup of Java,
Stands high above the rest.
Surpassing all the others,
That could not pass my test.

The smell of coffee freshly brewed.
Will put my head into a spin.
Tho, I am only walking by
It will surely pull me in.

I love a good cup of coffee.
I hope, the second cup is free?
How, .. Do I like my coffee?
Straight, .. Regular, .. If you please.

by Sirpheno The Knight

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