Shattered dreams,
shards of glass
thin as paper leaves
scattered on the winds of change.
My heart betrayed my soul again
stabbing it's ever-feeling,
burning blade
through what was left
of one once enlightened,
then only frightened.

You left me here
to bear your tears,
facing my fears...
and losing the delicate grasp
on the jagged edge of my sanity.
Where were you,
when my heart bled rivers of pain;
when the caverns of loneliness
swallowed me up;
when the cold steely taste of death
was gnashing it's teeth at my throat...
as I cried out your name
for seemingly endless eternities?
Where was your rose-petal soft caress then?
Where was your angel-light,
gliding effortlessly
on whispy wings of starlight?

I died a thousand deaths each day,
and each night a million more...
while every guilt-ridden,
maddened thought tore
through my spirit with talons of ice...
just like you...

I fought my way
through the pitch-black-hole of depression,
through the seering anger of those
once loved,
scorching my very being.
I fought with hasty words of magick,
spoken on moonlit nights...
not quite a magick of white...
but of desperation
and starvation...
for the love that is my oxygen,
my sustanence...
for what you would not...
for US...

and I won.

by Sarah N. Williams

Comments (25)

So also kissing her lips means is like sipping a cup of tea....wonderful that a person can be allured over a cup of tea....provided that the tea should be tastily prepared...inspiring poem
I prefer coffee... LOL.. Great and smoothing poem Krista
Enjoyed this cup of tea.
I too love a nice cup of 'rosie lee', lovely poem joan regards Tom
I feel like drinking a cup of tea with this poem. I can't imagine that a simple cup of tea will be a very nice poem. Lovely poem Joan. Warm regards, Annika
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