** A Cuppa Coffee With You **

Bistros, Barristas, or Café Coffee
My soul craves for coffee
Our sorrows- a storm in coffee cup
When we supped, Let them get engulfed
For today, my turn
Just to listen and burn
Now come, and spell out your plea

You ask if I want,
Mocha, Breve, or Café Crèmes
I take Cafecito,
Caramalised honey melting eyes,
Burns like Aqua Regia
My steely heart
Coffee Coretto

Here, come, I walk with you
Your warm hands, your warmer smiles
Hand in hand, leaning on you.
The sun rays shining Purgatorio,
Sizzling double shot Doppio
Emotions erupting, the surging tide,
Like a raging volcano inside.

Come, let me lie beside you
In warm embrace Lattecino
Hide in your bosom
And capture those moments with enthusiasm
Express Romano
My touch soothing
Like Iced Cappuchino

You shake my Moka
With candy of love
Alas its cold,
The napkin folds,
So many stories
Remain untold
The pastries untouched
The door of my heart
Un borrowed of the sun
When will you stir
And make it warm
Like Expresso Machiato
With one shot of expresso
And a dollop of foamed milk ‘KISSATO’



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Exceptional knowledge of coffee in words of poetry...............I invite you to read my poems.Thank you.
Exceptional knowledge of coffee in words of poetry.................I invite you to read my poems...........thank you.
What a way to instill a cup of coffee with such deep feelings of love. Anjali you have a great style!
I am so hopeless at typing 3rd time I have finished this comment then I hit the wrong button and you dissapear omg.. well you brew a magic cuppa coffee and I enjoyed it so so much.. I love humour in your coffee's written cuppa +++++10 VIVA LA COFFEE DRUG....regards
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