A Curious Mystery

I see in you a frighteningly familiar persona,
one which is at the same time of comfort.
It is not on a daily basis that such views match,
in fact it is possibly the only time that similarity has been so high.

There is a sense of narcissism to some degree,
one that I'm not completely inclined to yet confess.
It should be nurtured in this case, and allowed to grow,
for philosophical discussion is worth too much for this chance to be missed.

Though I'm still not convinced that this is all there is to offer,
for I sense that you've only just begun your journey.
I fear that with time we'll be forced to diverge from this shared path,
but bear in mind that wide distances can be bridged.

There is one last thing that crosses my mind,
a persistent sort of curiosity;
It's that at surface your appearance is mostly straightforward,
but at deep you remain a mystery.

by Christopher Soto

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