A Curse

How dare I of departure tell?
And all my feelings could I kill?
Therefore, accursed be I, I tell,
Until is heard the swinging knell.

Accursed be I for wounding thee;
Accursed be I to cause thee harm;
A thousand times may God damn me
And may leave me no leg, no arm;
And let my soul in sadness melt
That my blood in grief may be spilt;
All my suffering shall be felt
Until my flesh in fire does wilt;
That tears may flow to flood the Nile
And n’ver put off the fire of the pile;
That I shall ever bitterly cry;
And if the Nile, never my eyes be dry.
Let all my crying in the air vanish,
And all my pains never ever finish;
No one to hear, no one to touch;
No pains shall ever be as such.

But n’ver be I so far from thee,
For staying far shall be killing me;
That such a curse I can never bear,
But there shall be with thee some care.

6 October 1996

by Montazar AnNayef

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