First thing first, lets face facts
I am no lady
Never had time to be a girl
They stuck ribbons and bows
In my hair
And say; you’re beautiful
In this messed up world

First came love, then sex
I remember thinking; what’s next,
In the early twenties I smoke trees
In the late half I stuck to the booze
Yes Mama I hear you
I disobeyed the rules

But today I am a woman
And my days start at sunrise
My life begins at sunset
I find peace at midnight
After I taste some fine wine
This why I know the life I live,
Is only a passage through time

Monday to Friday I wear a suit
Friday night I wear my boots
Trying to look cutie cute
Saturdays Vicky keeps my secrets
Sorry to say on Sundays,
I found no love in Religion

John, Peter and Paul came
To me they all were the same
One tries to hold me with marriage
The other his fist
The last tried with his lies
Listen here fellas, I know Maya Angelou
She told me why caged birds fly
I had to say goodbye.

Today I am a just a woman without a man
Not by choice but for my peace of mind
I have to wait to give birth to the unknown
Since I can’t be a girl, I never like being a lady
Life will give me my throne

by Tricia Whyte

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what a beautiful poem! . i like it
I like this poem a lot
Honestly I really love this poem. Its very fasanating and interesting.
............writing a curse upon a nation is not a very nice thing to do Elizabeth....
Nice poem I like it very much
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