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A Curse From An Angel
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A Curse From An Angel

oh heaven above
forgive this man who takes me down
he doesn't feel the pain inside
nor to see the aching heart...

oh prince of hell
bless this man of attitude
give him the blessed shield
protect him from flaming curse...

oh lord of Olympus
send the most poisonous tongue of earth
dropp the biggest rocks of hatred
to all terrors walking by night..

beauty of the sky fades away
from the unseen things below
men as the source of destructions
will be judged and to the hell will go...

i am an angel of death
who will judge greedy people
who will suppress earthly moves
of hearts made of thorns..

when there be a fair judgement?
where will be the next place to live?
what will happen to planet earth?
who are to be judged and to be killed? ...

neither he, nor she
could justify perfectly
no one will come, nothing would be
there will be nobody next to me...

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Comments (58)

My apologies for the looong delay, health problems of decrepitude. Will not comment on poem but you are not doing justice to your work by the flat monotone which detracts from otherwise fine work. Tom Golding
Intense poem…swing and de-swing… Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
A poem both intense and meaningful, rich imagery and clear message, you have narrated so many different things in a beautiful way, very nice write!
how nice to read a curse from an angle...... sometimes also love and affection on us....please donot curse us.......... very beautiful.......... to differenct topic....
All I can say is this is a great poem. I lose myself in your imagery and it makes this poem so believalbe.
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