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A Customer Service Rep Lashes Out With Her Pen
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A Customer Service Rep Lashes Out With Her Pen

Poem By Patricia Gale

No heart, no soul
The world owes you because you are who?

You have not the brains to know kindness if it bit you square up in the face.

I hope tonight as you lay sleeping, my kindness keeps you awake

(If I had a lock of your hair I would burn it for a ritual)

To make you toss and turn for the way you yelled at a person whose face you could not see
Just the sound of my voice is all you could lash at
Hmmm. … I wonder if you act this way in public
For Goodness sake… have you ever listened to the sound of your voice?

I have …and as I tried to help you and be kind for my company had provided you with incorrect paths..

Excuse me for forgetting my superman man cape, it is in repair for the last time a New Yorker chewed on it

Now I truly know what turning the cheek means… for I still assisted you in finding an answer
But guess what? ? ? ? ? ?

I have the satisfaction of knowing ….. (that if voodoo were real….. I would turn you into the screaming banshee you are and ship your butt back….. ok..ok….) By the way......Does you mother know you act this way

The REAL thing is I know I was kind....

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Comments (8)

Ha Ha Ha, Great humorous poem, might I say? What job do you have? I gave it it's well deserved ten. On the last stanza or line a r probably needs to be added to you. 'Does (you) mother know you act this way? Just trying to be helpful here, Patricia. As always, you write real good! Your friend always, MJG. God bless us all.
ironic that you hope your kindness keeps her awake at night.
'But guess what? ? ? ? ? ? ' Rachel Ann Butler
Very nicely written. A peek in the mind of the Customer service Rep. Nobody has a kind word for them, always at the receiving end. Pity their partners, Wonder what would happen when they reach home after their duty....10+++
This is a piece that is happy to be unorthodox. It relies on the tenacity and discipline of the voice to actually be quite an attractive little piece. Why is it that people working in bus stations ticket offices etc need to be protected by plastic sheilds. Good work