Brothers, Fathers, Sisters, Mothers

Take someone you love
Then ask yourself this question
What is it that creates this love
This act of total toleration
Is it the fact that you well know
This person that you love
That everything of he or she
You will always know and trust
And if that person then did change their name
And cease to speak
And then by chance
You later in an autumn street did meet
Would you then cease to love them so
I think not, for their true heart you know
And if you passed in an autumn street
For certain it is your eyes would meet
And for that second of contact flown
Shared knowing tells of loves true home
So knowledge of each other is
One reason why we each can give
Each other love conditioned not
For love is true “forget-me-not”
Lack of this knowledge then it seems
Causes us to stay apart
From others knowing not their heart
And love them not a jot
Yet they are loved each every one
Someone’s daughter
Someone’s son
Just they are distant
Still unknown
To us through love
That brothers own
So when in autumn street we pass
Someone unknown
We avert our glance
Step aside
Preserve safe distance
For it is polite
The path
Of least resistance
And yet knowing how we love our brothers
Fathers sisters and our mothers
How good it would be if we felt the same
To those who we know not
Not even their name
For if as brothers and sisters
We behaved
All part of one great family tree
To look each other in the eye
With honesty
To acknowledge each their face
Their right to be
Then wouldn’t it be a better place?
At least a start
Communication through the heart
A coming together
Not a growing apart
Of the human race
For as brothers
or sons
Or daughters
Goes everyone.

by Egal Bohen

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what year is this poem anyway?
loved it it was inspiring