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A Damn
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A Damn

beaten and battered my hands hold tight
a silent stare and a harsh bright light
open dress that breezes throughout
a fight for sanity, a nurse's sweet doubt
bloodshot eyes with secrets held within
ruptured veins let the sickness begin
belts and buckles control strength and will
for the battle im suppressing is making me ill
comfort in medicine, such a tricky lie
for not until im dead while i say goodbye
i hear them whisper of me, in a hushed delight
for a woman with no heart is such a sight
a novelty and prize, i am to them
poking and prying they ridicule my sin
'how could she do that? ', why do they care
you might never know, without my little scare
so watch me now in my bathtub drowning
the sadness you feel only reflects through frowning
are you sorry now my innocent lamb?
that you had never thought to give me a damn

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Comments (4)

A dam bursting with pain it seems. Excellent work Rebecca, we all tread closely in the footsteps of this insanity accounting poem. Wow! Thanks for having the courage to share it. Tai
That was a great poem. Strong words, emotional, meaningful! :) I hope to see more kick ass poetry from you! ! ^_^
wow, that was amazing! ! ! ! ! . The title doesn't reflect how moving the actual poem is...I truly enjoyed it and no your poetry isn't shit :) warm regards, ~Dana~
Hi Rebecca-i think that your poem is amazing, it hit me right between the eyes like a 2x4-i liked the rawness and the grit of it. i read in your bio, and no, i don't think that your poems are shit. keep writing and i will keep reading. thanks.