A Damp Bathroom Wall Speaks To You

oozing colour, dripping muck
spilled with dirty cum and spit
on walls of suburban third world nations

not so soothing the aroma
of urine and shit unclean and under-clean
piling like flies in slums
child whores painted face with chalk
lips reddened with brick powder

pedophiles lurk behind urinals
gay men roaming nearby
metro cities of these countries rot
transgenders sing songs in groups
often exposing genitals in rage

street urchins rape a girl nearby
woman hiding behind toilet
to expel aborted female foetus
her moaning creating ripples of pain
walls speak lot of truth
hold your ears close to them and listen

fate of poetic muse of raven site poets
to listen stories of stinking toilet walls

by Narayana Raghavan

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