A Damsel In Distress

Of what in the eyes her night-long love
you see not but light,
fair weather days in the mellowing spring
of my shipwrecked dreams!
against the world of thy most high deserts,
say I, thy star at midnight lease hath rent
e'ery flower upon a barren heath,
beside the oak in the late evening:
of fealty's Apollo at my door,
more temperate than darling buds of may,
rest content be oblivion of a host among daffodils,
that man-in-the-moon under the Archangel's brow,
needest no charms bereft of sight,
e'ery looking glass that shows not half thy part
away from high heavens,
of plumed hat on knees in ruffled feathers,
outspread in autumn her musing's o'er the dale,
that day at christmas eve in rosemary garden,
fell from myrtle in my bed of crimson joy.

(C)Naveed Khalid

Copy Rights (C)2016.
All Rights Reserved.

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by Naveed Khalid

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