A Dance

Poem By Jeffrey Mitchell

A solid cylinder of wax, with an embedded wick, to provide light, a flame that dance the dance of joy, that’s what he was created for, blue and yellow fire dancing on a wick surrounded by a cylinder of solid wax.
The flame of light dances with joy and happiness, as the wax melts, to fuel the fire it gives a reflection of his dance on the nearby wall. In a room of darkness can you see the burning flame dance upon the melted wax as the wick glows orange in the yellow of a flame under the blue light?
Drawn to the beauty of your flickering light and your movements, the bright orange of your wick, the yellow flame that dances around it, and the blue flame beneath it, is singing to the movement of your dance.
A light that dance inside a cylinder that can reflect its beauty on the one who is looking towards it, Perhaps this light is speaking. Can you hear the call from the dark places in your life? A flame of light that dance the dance of joy so you can see.

Psalm 119: 105
Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.

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