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A Dancers Dream Ruined

I slip on my shoes
and lace them up.
Knowing that this is the last time.

I step onto the floor,
And stroll to the center.
I look in the mirrors surrounding me.

And think how could I have messed up?
I was only trying to be perfect.
What did I do wrong? I was only doing what the others did.

I find the courage to do my dance one last time.
With people watching me and starting to cry,
I start to feel a tear run down my face.

But then I saw one little girl.
Who reminded me of me.
so I smiled and put on a happy face.

I didn’t want her to give up on her dream.
So I did my dance gracefully,
Better than I have ever done before.

Then when it was over and the light,
Was no longer shining bright.
I lost control.
My dream of being a ballet dancer was over.

I tried so hard to be perfect, that
I had damaged my dream.
By not seeing what was happening to me.

At first I thought this dream had damaged me
But now I see this dream is still with me…
But I live it thought in a new way.

by Lizzie R...

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