A Dangerous Game We Play

when you touch my shoulders
you just reached for the gun.
When I touch your arm
I just grabbed mine.
when you hold me in your arms and wrap me up in your cocoon
you pulled your gun onto the table.
when I hold you and you let me, we brought the gun closer to each other.
when we lay ourselves on one another
when you squeeze, when I hold you tighter.
when your hands caress my legs and mine on your back.
when you feel me head to toe.
when you trace my face and I trace your veins.
when you and I tickle one another.
when you hold me closer
when we listen to our hearts beat through our chest. faster and faster as our touches become rougher.
when you rubbed my lips and my hips come closer.
when you and I look into our eyes and watch each other sleep.
we just pulled the gage.
Brought it to our heads and put our fingers on the trigger.
but I stopped. I starred.
Cause realization just shot me in the face.
A gun with no bullets does nothing.
In this game some one has to get hurt.
I guess that someone is me.
It's Russian Roulette, this dangerous game we play.
Jennifer Gordon.04.14.11

by Jennifer Gordon

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