There Are Some Poems

there are some poems
which commit a murder
of souls
those are extremely tough
to share
but if you practice
they eventually come out
of the darkness

Perhaps to breathe
then sink again

by Loreta Muskardin

Comments (27)

there are times when we all would like to rise above all this turmoil. Just a peaceful place and look down upon it.
Amazing! a Truly fascinating write! Constructed so well and perfectly vivid - Love it!
This poem is so deep. It's exactly how I feel down inside where no one can see. I am almost in tears. I do love the way you word all of the feelings you have. Only certain people understand. As for me - I found it to give me peace. Michele Kostelnik Parrillo How I long for peace...
The place we crave, to create our muse, often we search for just one, where no one can break the silence as you think of what to write...the space...the where ever we chose.
it's similar to my poem
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