BMR (4/17/1994 / West Virginia)

A Dark Hopeful

You know if I could say I was Hopeful
I'd probably seize the opportunity to
Waging an ever so ambiguous, mendacious, apprehensive continuance
Subjected to my conceit only to be designed for demise
Like a child knowing that it too would one day become a man
But I grew an ever distressed, depraved, disgraceful soul
That sole purpose alleged disheartened trust
Because mankind did not man kind to its fellow soul
So as I look upon the firmament pleading for mercy
For when the day crafts a dark dejection, a righteous rage, a victorious vengeance
By the Coming of the Lord, this world does not die with man
That claim to inherit the earth to unearth only Greed
To claim victory when defeat was assured
That's death was so achieved
For when Death does come
What is their plea? Do they say, fore with now I concede Lord to your Majesty?
I have raged hate upon your flock but now I come with peace
Lord I have waged war for My Gain but in Your Name I have made you great?
But what Just God would look upon with kindness, for kind less crooks
That crook the rules to favor them?
Would he now spare the unsparing of Men
To be gracious to that ungrateful sin
Does a God find worth in a worthless plea?
This is their fabricated, faithless, corrupted, compelled decree
But one day, one day when the skies open into a forbidding scene
There will be no forbidden fruit to quench their thirst that now takes every breath they breathe
No only death will see, sure as sun sets they will see the worth they accrued slip into nothing of all eternity, and eternally they will face the very pain they paid to set forth
So when I say I'm hopeful, what is it for?

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