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A Dark Place
JH (4-17-96 / Hutchinson, Kansas)

A Dark Place

Every Anger That I Face.
Has Gathered At This Darkened Place.
Soon To Exlpode Showing No Fear
Of The Consequences Soon To Appear.
After All Of The Quests Is This All I Have To Show?
A Meak, Tiresome, Face Filled With Row?
I Do Not Know How This Will End.
I Don't Even realize How This Began.
I Now Fear Fate, And It's Cruel Twists On Life.
For Now Mine Has Been Filled With Strife.
But It Shall All End Here In This Place Covered In Dark.
A Place Well Known To The One Who Does Not Remark
His Terrible Sins His Atrocious Actions
To The Ones He Loved, Who Now Have Their Hearts In Retraction.
This Place Of Nonbeing, This Place Of Foreseeing.
Keeps My Soul On A Pendulum Gently Swinging.
Back And Forth, To And Fro,
How Unstable My Life Is This Should Show.
A flicker Of Flame, A Flash Of Light.
Is All That Remains Of My Life Tonight.
There Is No Name for this accursed Dwelling.
Were Nothing Gets You Out, Not Screaming Or Yelling.
But If I Were To Label This Space.
An Empty Hole Of What No One Can Face.
I Would Simply Go From The Start.
And Let You Know That This Is My Heart.

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This is a great write. Im really glad you could share this. Beautiful. Questioning. Confusion. :) 10+ Keep Writing -Audrey