"Self Discovery"

Self discovery isn't change
It isn't progressing
And it's not trying new things
It's more, reviewing what is.
Stopping to rationalize
Reason what it is you want to do.
It's your life
Anyone can give you advice
Anyone can tell you your options
Only you can pick your opportunities.

by Jeremy Willson

Comments (6)

Wow there is a real suspense in this one with nothing that feels artificial about it at all.
Death stalking? If you have time please read my RAINBOW IN MOTION HAIKUS.Thank you. A very sinister piece.If you allowed voting I would have given you a ten.
A Darker Hour. Wow what a piece and a great title. This is a great piece.
mischief most wicked...as only you do...nice work
Another gem of poem Saint! ! A pleasure to read! By the way i didn't know there was a Mrs. Cynosure. Best wishes! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad
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