A Dart On A Target

Not a hummingbird but learning how to dance
Pelt me some, that would not be the last
I'm unbreakable and not made of glass
Never quibble on a mild squabble
Retreat does not mean defeat
We take on every chance
Not a backward glance
Sprinkle with
A dash
Don't make
Into a clash
Be smart, fancy
A dart on a target
No one's a midget but
Squinty-eyed can get you
Targeted for someone lesser
Teary-eyed but still clacking
On the keyboard, we're way past
All niceties, passed your third degree
Scoring high, for every session, by volition
Knew all the moves by now, dancing in the rain

by Doris Cornago

Comments (2)

Heartily dedicated to a man who made my heart dance on a whim of completing my task with 3 titles in his belt aside from clearing the task sheet with subtle maneuvers of a born dancer - majestic! Thank you, Murtaza Ghazi. :)
Such an interesting write.....10+++++