A Date With History

The date palm grows in very rough terrain.
With sandstorms, biting wind and lack of rain
Hanging on survival's edge for much
Of its long life. And that length of life
May be its greatest problem! Four-score years
Lie between the seed and the ripe fruit.
So who would bother planting such a root?
There seems to be no profit there for me!
So consider what self-concept must there be
In she who takes such trouble; when such a one
Says "I," who must that "I" include?
Her children and their children, and still more
Must all be present, there in that great self.
To plant a date-palm is an act of faith
That 80 years from now there'll be an Earth,
And it will be worth saving. This is the stand
Toward life we all must take if we'd survive
And prosper; well, how 'bout it, mates;
Won't you come and help me plant some dates?

by John Enright

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