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A Date With Pamela Anderson
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A Date With Pamela Anderson

Poem By Randy Johnson

I met Pamela Anderson and we went on a date.
She was very becoming and everything went great.
It was an honor to date this star.
I made her forget about Tommy Lee and it wasn't hard.

When I first asked her out, she decided to resist.
But at the end of our date she and I kissed.
As I popped the question, I got down on one knee and begged.
And you're most likely aware that I'm pulling your leg.

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Comments (3)

I enjoyed this work it was a fun read. I Love the flow of words n the ending it was beautifuly done
Very gentlemanly behaviour. It can't be fun keeping up a bold public front.
Good for you! The feminist movement made it nearly impossible for men to 'appreciate' women's physical virtues....glad to see some still have the balls to do so!