Broken Promise

With that promise life was changed
Heart has decided to take advantage
I surrendered with all my being
I only kept inside one feeling

It was easy to believe, no doubt
There's only waiting remain to count
But even that was better than before
It happens in the life one time, not more

And yes it was great like a fairy tale
I can let myself to feel any pain
But had to think few times in loneliness
That you have broken all the promises

I know for you it did not mean a thing
You will never bother to think
That people waited, so did I
To see YOU standing by our side

by Lana Wesley

Comments (12)

Very beatiful. Awesome
thats so sad. diseased daughter?
awesome and so nice poem i am so happy to read this poem
Awesome...Simple and philosophical poem....10+++
Such simple language and yet so poignant
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