SC (10/26/1980 / Indianapolis)

A Daughter's Wish

Not knowing what else I can do because I will never be able to please you,
You took away my hopes and dreams,
I know I will never carry a perfect weight for you,
I've cried and cried without your comfort,
Looking at me like I am the one that will always be alone,
Fearing that you will never love me for who I am,
Or all I have accomplished on my own,
Can't you accept me for your daughter?
Or will I be this person you hardly gave a chance to even know,
The pain inside will never ease because I know you will never be pleased...

by Samantha Cooney

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Samantha, I know where your coming from. I've been there with my dad, too. I hope the pain eases soon. Just keep your head up high and everything will go your way, hopefully.
I've been there, too, Samantha, and I know the pain WILL ease eventually. The secret is to not try to please him but to please yourself. Be strong.......... Love, Fran xx