(11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

In Heaven

I go to
heaven alone because
no one wants
to accompany me
In heaven there
are many shows
In heaven we
are all immortals
and we don't
have problems or
urgent thoughts
In heaven I
want see something
In it I
find a place
far from confusion,
in complete isolation
The sound of
paradise is very
Also in heaven
I don't find
my right way
In heaven I
will be more
relaxed and calm
In heaven I'm
a winner and
a good champion
In it I'm
happier but also
very sad
I feel more
safe in it
In it I
do everything I
want without fear
and doubts
There isn't destruction
and pain in
In it I'm
stronger and more
powerful to be
no more deranged
When I'm dead
I hope to
go on heaven
The heaven is
a quiet and
placid place

by Laura arwen

Comments (10)

Feels like I am reading a page of my Father's diary!
Love and birth; with the joy of life at its finest. Nice work.
Very nice poem, and congrats on poem of the day. However, I have both daughters and sons, and sons are just as precious as daughters. All children are sons or daughters of a Heavenly Father and we need to do all we can to love, teach and protect them while they are in our care.
Verily, father and daughter are a heavenly relation, Pure, divine and next to God. A lovely and heart touching poem indeed....10
The relationship between a father and his daughter is always very special and the same has been unfolded nicely in this poem. Thanks for sharing.10++ points.
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