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A Day
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A Day

Poem By Hans Raj Sharma

O' man! One to twenty
You're living like a monkey
Jumping, skipping, running to and fro
Climbing up and climbing down the hills!

Twenty to forty-
Living as fast as a horse
Full of energy and power
Agility, ability and capability
Symbol of success and victory!

Forty to sixty as a donkey-
Carrying light and heavy weights
Weights of social getting-together
Family responsibilities and liabilities!

There from sixty to eighty-
Barking like a barking-dog
Getting angry and suspicious
Reacting over each act or move!

Thereafter eighty on wards-
Getting motionlessly restive
Sitting for all the time like an owl
Unnoticed, unheeded and unheard!

What a blend of traits-
Out from animals and birds
Man's bond to pass through a day!
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2020
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

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