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A Day At The Colonnade
NP Nadine Paterson ( / Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA)

A Day At The Colonnade

Wind whispering through the trees
Oleanders swaying in the breeze
Birds flying through the air...
Suddenly Spring is everywhere.
People greeting each other on the sidewalk.
Inside a few are sitting together to talk.
Some watching television in their rooms
While others sit and watch the flowers in bloom.
Sand and surf are only a few yards away.
Outside it is such an awe-inspiring day
Bathed in the glorious light of the sun
No clouds in the sky - not a one!
Birds perched swaying on an electric wire
Sunlight shining bright as a glowing fire.
When the sun sets and the clock strikes eight
The nurses comes over to meditate.
The dishes are done, the table is set.
Don't get too happy-there's more to do yet.
I must take out the trash; mop the kitchen floor;
Take a last walk around and lock up the doors.

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