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A Day At The Runcible Spoon
DG ( / Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

A Day At The Runcible Spoon

Poem By Denise Gillette

As the doors open to the Runcible Spoon
the bold aroma of coffee draws the people in.
Hot Java and crusty scones with jam mingle with
the scanners of the news. Light chit-chat fills the air.
Spoons jingle and cups clatter. The sun shines brightly. The afternoon beckons in crowds of philosophers
sipping on their espressos and voicing their views.
Loners sit at corner tables perusing novels,
partaking in cafe au lait. Clove cigarettes
haze in front of the sun dazed windows. Evening summons in students, piling the tables
with tiresome textbooks, pounding down caffeine.
Light folk music drones in the background.
Birkenstocks tap on the bright tiled floors.
Cappuccino machines buzz. Dusk filters in. So much goes on in the course of the day.
Ideas discussed, problems solved, tasks toiled upon.
Friendships spawn, debates roar, pawns move across
the board. So much hope to change the world --
All done in a day from the Runcible Spoon.

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