A Day At Work

i get here and sit down ready to work
yet my mind detests the idea
it tries to wander to better places
but i wrench it back to reality
with full determination and a mighty will
i fight to keep my eyes from closing
and with a sigh of false exaustion i wipe my brow
fore it seems that Ive won for now
so i go back to work for the time being
all the while, counting every passing second
as if i can see the very grains of
the sand of time
an eternity passes and at last i snap back
to find the end of my work day at hand
and the shackles of my paid confinement released
my aged self becomes young again as if by magic
and with every step away from my workstation
i gain that much more hope
for the light at the end of the tunnel
and the freedom that it brings

by Michael Stevens

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