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A Day Dream
(25 April 1854 – 3 November 1926 / Ontario)

A Day Dream

METHINKS that I can hear them churning
Outside the kitchen cellar way ;

Methinks I see the old yard turning
A perfumed green this splendid day.

Methinks I see the pet lamb jumping,
A splendid athlete, he, I trow ;

Methinks I see our Thomas pumping
Some water for the brindle cow.

Methinks I see the bran-mash mixing :
(The heifer smells it from afar)

Methinks I see the farmer fixing
Fences where the willows are.

Methinks I hear them set the table :
A feast no royal king would scorn ;

Dish up the 'taters quick 's you 're able,
And, Nelly, blow the dinner horn.'

The men troop out from barn and meadow
Their faces shine like newest silk ;

They stop beside the cellar doorway
And drink the sweet, fresh buttermilk.

The old man says an old-time prayer,
The knives and forks in chorus fly ;

The perfumed parsnips fill the air,
And Nellie passes round the pie.

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