Another day
I wake to a dawn thats calling
Always calling
Get up, make your bed

Oh no i missed the bus
Make it a taxi ride
Maybe a starbucks on the way
No. No time

School. Must focus
Yes sir. Your project will be done
No lunch. Oh no
Breathe. Must breathe

Moving, always moving
Never stopping
Always working
Can't stop

Make it go away, i feel i'll
No! I'm falling
Catch me
Please someone help!

Why will no one listen?
Why will no one help?
Please hear me
No, don't go away!

I need you
Why are you leaving?
Whats that? Me?
The end?

by Robin Parker

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A very touchy dialogue between God and son….yeah if we can think we’re singing by God’s voice box, walking by his legs, working by His hand…then the flood of grace descends …a very nice poem …like solace the we’re no less by just reversing the mindset of our action we can be near God. Ten+ Ms. Nivedita UK
An excellent theme said in elegant verses. Having been born in this world, everybody has a purpose here to fulfill. God has given us all the faculties for our own rescue, wit and wisdom. God has been kind that way. It is upto us to use these tools- body, mind, thought, intelligence- in a diligent manner for a better living. Otherwise, these tools are enough for our death. Atomic explosion in an atomic pile would give us energy for various useful purposes. The same explosion over Nagazaki can also exterminate the entire humanity. This is the truth.
very very wonderful....it is long but descriptive and worth reading for..it is so touching...everything is there..very complete...the beauty of His creations, His love for mankind that He specially created....reational beings......thanks sir for creating this piece...which brought teardrops along with your lines... and reflect...i really love sir this...A+10++++
'Keep this world of paradise, Spreading the message of love, As beautiful as an abode of peace, That's the best way for you to serve.' the poet at the end of his long descriptive beautiful narration gives this valuable message to mankind...good composition 10
Maam ekam saranam vraja!
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