A Day In Heaven, In Hell, And On Earth

Yawning and stretching we wake up and have coffee
gather our papers and go off to work,
as heavenly bodies make their way round to sunrise
and angels and demons parry opening lines.

Stocks go up as jobs go down as
empty commuters pass by homeless wizards,
and angel icons fly through computer windows
with the demonic speed needed to meet a deadline.

We get home from work to the same thing for dinner
and we lay on our sofas and turn on our TV's,
watching bloodstained children with souls with no future
smiling bravely as onlooking demons take notes.

To the pub down the street to forget about people
but there's dancing and laughter, food and good spirits,
and a beautiful woman smiles kindness to strangers
and the band plays from heaven and the angels take note.

We get home for the evening, survivors at days end
and we lay on our sofas and turn on our TV's,
watching angels play baseball and devils play hockey
we know that tomorrow we'll go round again.

by Michael J. Rosella

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