A Day In May

A time of year when growth is all but dormant though the grass has grown an inch or two of late
And the peach tree in the garden almost leafless and Winter just around the corner wait
And male blackbird save for a few chirps remains silent he does not have to sing to keep a mate
And just a few Winter plants bloom in the garden and Mother Nature herself hibernate.

Yet late Autumn it can be very pleasant the weather not cold at this time of year
And though the mornings can be a bit chilly the skies more often than not are quite clear,
Deciduous trees their Summer coats are losing and the leaves upon the oak have turned to brown
And there's such beauty in the contrasting colours in country places and the parks of town

The birds in Winter flocks have now assembled and the migratory waders on their northern breeding ground
In a few months from now their broods will be independent and for the southern Lands they will be bound
And in a few months from now the Winter will be ending and the magpie will pipe before the dawn of day
And in Victoria the Winter months not that cold and September is not that distant from May.

A day in late May and the Autumn all but over and deciduous trees beginning to look bare
And though the weather not at all unpleasant the first brisk nip of Winter in the air
And Mother Nature is now hibernating she will awake and spread her green in spring
And trees will bud their new leaves in September and birds will build their nests and chirp and sing.

by Francis Duggan

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