A Day In Mid June In Duhallow

Mid June near prime of Summer and the sky looking gray
The sun on Duhallow is not shining today
The skylark a musical speck in the sky
Above the brown hill singing as he does fly
In green old Duhallow from here far away
It is not the best weather for harvesting silage or for making hay
In Climate Change weather patterns vary Worldwide
By extreme weather many farmers of a decent living denied
Mid June in Duhallow and the fields lush and green
And the rank grass by the rivers flattened where the floods lately have been
A freshening wind from the Boggeraghs and the crackling of thunder tell rain is not far away
In what could turn out to be a very wet Summer's day
The sun it is hidden behind clouds of gray
In not ideal weather for saving of silage or hay.

by Francis Duggan

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