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A Day In The Life

Why I wonder do I go home?
All I feel is empty and begin to roam.
I walk around as if I have lots to do
When in reality I haven’t a clue!
Sweep and Mop, Wash and Dust
Occupy my mind before I combust

I’ll go to the store, that’s another chore
Fridge is empty and I must fix that door.
Standing in the aisle I become undone
I have nothing but to purchase for one.
Oh there was a time I shopped for two
There was always this for me and this for you.
Aimless I wander, Aimless I buy
I know I need bread, maybe I should try rye?
You liked wheat, but that doesn’t matter
There’s another habit I must shatter.

What was wrong with the hinge?
And why is Home Depot so big?
Here I go remembering the past…..
Oh but wasn’t it fun, building that box
Me, wondering how long a dog’s pregnancy lasts…
Oh yes that’s right I’m here for what reason?
No. No. Paints aren’t what I am looking for
Ugh! ! ! You used to find anything for all seasons
Why is there no one in orange around?
Forget get it! Maybe I will just nail it down

Off I go in my empty car, to my empty bed, with my empty heart, and and an empty head
You know what though I have grown
I know I hate rye, I know over a door I will not cry
So off to sleep I will try
to dream of the times
you were at my side
and I hold your notes just so that I know
you were actually here, not a Van Gogh.

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A very nice poem. Ashish.