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A Day In The Life Of A Slow And Prolonged Poo

'Poop! ' he cried,
'Whistle? ' he waited,
'Indeed! ' he replied.
'Seen? ' he stated.

All in the life of a whole prolonged poo,
which isn't long if we must be true.
Up with the toilet seat and down with the kex,
two pence boxer shorts now under house arrest.

Which do I offer, the greatest of the most?
Which could I bother expelling from my ghost?
Who's is the cost, of which we all must post?
Bump badda badda bing, dot dot dot dot toast!

It’s like interviewing a photographer with no umbrella.
It’s signing a treaty with some unknown fella.
It’s like bargaining location, its role and its stew,
It’s like what it would be like, A Day in the Life of a Slow and Prolonged Poo~

by Paul Colwyn

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Did it have glasses, was it smoking a pipe, if it was heavy, it was your brother get a job AJS