Ik was getuige

Ik was getuige,
o groene boom, de groene boom,
hoe de voorzanger door een spleet
in het kromgetrokken heelal
zijn steenworp ondernam.
Ook was ik getuige van de steen
op een worp afstand.

by Tonnus Oosterhoff

Comments (12)

Beautiful portrayal of nature as it was seen during predawn moments in the holy city Varanasi. Thanks.
tranquil peace floats in the air.......... with cool breeze from the Ganges Dawn scintillates by rise of sun redounding to dulcet...... soul yet reverberates by gleams of divine, ingenious write by imagery, inspirational.10+++, thanks for sharing
Hello Raj..what a beautiful snapshot of your country..I enjoyed reading it very much, Regards F
b'fully written the poem..n metaphorised the dawn..... well done..
new dawn blossoms with fading of darkness in the sky a lotus blooms to adore the Lord a new day is born.........with new messsage from the nataure and God that time has come to rise with the occasion and help the needy and this is how new day will be born to mankind.... lovely message through your poem sir, , i am delighted to hve such poem in my collection....10 cool breeze, , , a place called home...bidding farewell in Mayapur
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