Hope Against Hope

A place that is placelessness,
Being crossed by a temporary road.
Watch the master change his work upon the canvas;
Every stroke will endure what no longer exists.
Witness the snow-capped mountain change into a waterfall of earth.
Expel the frantic words of console,
Not all the pieces are found.
Let the artist portray his work,
To the audience of the dead.

by Honor Seay

Comments (4)

A deep and introspective write. Love the poems that make you stop and ponder. This is a great one!
There is a dark side of life. Without the struggle, there is no transformation and joy of the return to the sun
LISEL MUELLER, I wish that you had seen life better or at least or from a more favoritable slant, as your words tell me your capable of a great deal of natural warmth. Robert Burns, Portland, Oregon
Se la vi. Thanks for the warning, This poem really makes you think