A Day Like This

A day like this makes one feel glad to be alive
Just to go for a walk or to go on a drive
Or sit for awhile in the shade of a tree
The best things in life as the saying goes are free

On a forecast high for the day of twenty degrees
With a cool and a pleasant coastal breeze
Blowing uphill through the town park from the bay
On what is quite a lovely April day

In the sunny blue sky just a few clouds of gray
To view Nature's beauty no charges to pay
Some for their gardens are hoping for rain
But with such pleasant weather one should not complain

On a perfect day for mid Autumn of the year
The fluting of the magpies is so pleasant to hear
And birds one does often hear and see
The magpie larks singing pee wee

The deciduous tree leaves are turning to brown
In the sunlit park of the southern town
And do i seem bold when i do say
That Utopia from here is not far away.

by Francis Duggan

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