A Day More To Live

In the darkness,
He's wandering aimlessly on;
Who's searching for him?

In the shadows dim,
Wondering deep down inside,
Will time run out soon?

In the chilling rain,
Bargaining for one more day,
Will God hear his cries?

In the awaking dawn,
Harboring his soul to faith,
A day more to live!

© Loyd C. Taylor

by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

Comments (7)

A wonderful thought-provoking poem! I think that the question in the first stanza is key. People often think that they have not enough time to live. Actually they find not enough reasons. But it's too hard to admit. I wish your hero to reveal those reasons, and all days will be his. And I love the closing stanza.
It breath is a gift, and your wisdom a priceless possession! You said so much in those few lines! A powerful and intriguing write my friend.!
each breath a gift, each moment momentous, great thought Loyd.
My prayer used to be for one more day, now it's a prayer for one more moment. You have a beautiful soul Loyd!
I think there are so many people just hoping for one more day. Your heart is full of compassion, Lloyd and it comes out in your poems. A '10! ' for sure, my friend. Warm Wishes, Marilyn
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