A Day Of Rememberance

A day to remember the lives that were lost
In wars that did come at such a huge cost
The young men who died in Lands far away
For the love of a flag with their lives they did pay.

The young men who died in the bloom of their life's prime
Stories of their courage in battle have lived on in time
The war supposed to end all wars may belong to the past
And only the sad stories of it did last.

In the twenty first century more wars are fought than ever before
And the lessons of conflicts we seem to ignore
For the love of power ageing men start wars for young men to die
No fool like an old fool is surely not a lie.

At the war memorial the speeches are made after the parade
And by a lone bugler the last post is played
And schoolboys in attendance wish that they too one day
Will fight and if necessary die for their flag in a Land far away.

by Francis Duggan

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