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A Day On The Beach

A beach is my desire
One with the bonfire
Going, going, gone
Couldn't soar higher

A book in my lap
As I lay for a nap
The story captivates
But does not frustrate

I awake at four
Debate reading more
But the story got boring
Ain't doing it for me

The water is blue
Stunning clear too
How can something so true
Have depth all through

I decide on a swim
I strip off my clothes
The water's too nice
And the tide is so low

Serenity overwhelmes
As I hop in the ocean
Too tranquil to see
The distant commotion

I'm so at peace
That I fail to adhere
To the devouring sounds
I should probably fear

I look underwater
Seeing fish in a swarm
Who are wiser than I.
They know a shark is warm.

With salt in my eyes
My face touches air.
combing crusty stalks
Of my long, black hair.

The image is subtle
Its focus on prey
At this point and time
My mind goes astray

So in shock
I can't even swim
Heart ruptures body
The grey figure goes dim

Not a minute before
The sea looked so merry
Now its envoleped
With a macabre cherry

Guts in the mix
A purple shade blends
Excremates leak
A brown hints at the end

How many lives
Must a shark must take
To see waves go askew?
Not a stir in the wake!

My soul will escape
In a matter of time
This gruesome crime scene
Is a sapien slime

Viewed from above
My soul is at peace
As it was before
In the bay of the beach

As I resurrect,
The shark sails away.
Nothing it can consume,
Unhappy with its prey.

Let's try this again.
Says the voice far away
I awake with assurance
This book is no longer gay.

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Rudyard Kipling


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