A Day To Remember

Poem By Bob Gotti

A day to remember a special event, when by God, The Savior was sent,
To a wayward peoples below, of whom, The Lord, they would not know,
The Savior was sent for every Jew, a peoples whom The Lord foreknew,
Yet, the people would receive Him not, giving that nation a spiritual blot.

Yet, Christ was indeed Israel’s Savior, the One and Only Eternal Creator,
Sent as God’s Peace and Salvation, unto Messiah’s only chosen nation,
Messiah was sent down for His elect, yet, their Savior, men would reject,
By God’s very own, Christ was denied; and later by them to be crucified.

The rejection by Israel of Christ Jesus, would soon after benefit all of us,
As Messiah would turn to every nation, in doing so, fulfill His Revelation,
Just as the angels did herald, Good News and great joy, to all the world,
God’s Light was sent into every nation, as Christ is the world’s Salvation.

Today friend, does the world remember, Christ, during all of December?
Do people celebrate God’s Gift to all, or is Christ just something small?
Do we today have New Holiday cause, replacing God with Santa Claus?
Replacing the manger with a tree, with no thought at all towards Calvary!

Haven’t we learned from Israel’s mistake, or will many today still forsake,
A Savior, Who came in a humble way, to bring all Salvation, even today,
In spite of men’s failures in the past, Messiah offers all, salvation to last,
So today, accept God’s Gift of Christ, and you shall receive Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©11/2011)

Comments about A Day To Remember

Hey Bob, I completely agree with you. We need a new day of celebration because Christmas has become a non-denominational thing focusing on Santa Claus and presents. So how about Jesus Day? We could have big holy water fights with squirt guns, and we could see who can run the fastest with a big old cross strapped to their back. People could trade in bottles of water for bottles of wine. Jesus Day should coincide with Oktoberfest so the extra drinking would fit right in.

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