A Day To Remember.

My days are somewhat similar now,
like walking across a wide plateau.
In my life, though, one day stands out
from the long series of carbon copies.
I had flown at night into the dawn,
from Bahrain to Gatwick, London:
the first time in the country of my forebears.
Through the airport shuttle windows
I soon noticed the humorous billboards;
subtle humour which put me in a good mood
when I stumbled into the backpackers hostel
in Earls Court carrying baggage from the past.
Afterdinner I went to the lounge
and watched some black-and-white television:
I saw the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson,
talkabout devaluation and inflation: 'We have decided
to devalue the pound agaist foreign currencies.
That does not mean of course that the pound here in Britain-
the pound in your pocket or the pound in your bank
will be devalued. The pound will not be floated for now'.
After saying goodnight to my fellow travellers,
I got into my dormitory bed and soon fell asleep,
after checking on the pound in my own pocket.

-23/24 November,2017.

-22/23 November,2017.

by Michael Walker

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Memories sometimes travel as for you dear sir. Let it be quoted.... Reassured about my own money, I said goodnight to my fellow travellers and got into a dormitory bed, soon fell asleep after checking the pound in my own pocket. Thank you for sharing.