LN (12/29/1990 / Sacramento, CA)

A Day To Remember

The roses were dainty when I walked by, the dew from my own eyes joins the waves and creaks of the pavement. Why can’t we ever get along? Pain stabbed at my soul, my heart, my mind as I continue to walk towards a bridge.
It was so strange, how easily his words flowed through me. Did he mean it? Never more will I be who I am, never more will my heart be bland. I know where I was going, and I knew what I was about to do.
The edge was so close now and I cold see it was a 120 ft drop. There would be no going back after this. I step up on the edge looking down, my heart filling with unshed tears. I know there’s nothing for me here and it was time to go anyways.
I took a step, just an inch forward, said my last goodbyes and fell into my pain and misery. But before I hit the concrete, before there was nothing—there was everything. The arms of my new love caught me with love and care. Thank you, truly, for saving me.

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Comments (3)

This one made me cry. It's very deep. Like this one too.
I love it! It is a lovely poem and I'm glad she's with her love ^~
Oh goodness! Great ending. I thought it was going to be a sad poem where she dies. Great emtion too!