A Day To Remember

Poem By Raymond Brown

I stood beneath the CENOTAPH, my head was slightly bowed,
There was, an eerie silence, as I stood, amongst the crowd,
Now some were wearing their medals, whilst others were showing fears,
But I'm not ashamed yes, to admit, my eyes were moist with tears,

Then suddenly the band struck up (Oh God In Ages Past)
And everyone there tried to sing, to make these moments last,
In remembering those who gave their lives, just so, that we, might live
What greater love hath man than this, what more can heroes give?

My silent thoughts were of my mates, who shared my wartime days,
And the comradship that we had then, was proved in many ways,
For our British spirit of living free, no one could put assunder,
But we were'nt all saints, and we knew well, there's many who made a blunder,

Yet we should never forget those lads who died, sisters and brothers too,
For remembrance, is what it's all about, if in your hearts, be true,
There are many things we don't understand, which simply can't be said,
But it helps sometimes to feel some pride, to wear a POPPY red,

Those trying times are long since gone, the peace flags now unfurled,
But from an ex serviceman to our young folks, your'e the best kids in this world. Remember too, this country is your heritage, your home and your life's blood,
Don't ever let anyone, take your freedom away, my dead comrades never would.

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